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How to Open Chrome Links With Your Keyboard

We wrote about Vimium, the Chrome extension that provides customizable keyboard shortcuts, again in 2010 and 2012. However I believe we buried the lede: In the event you set up Vimium, you’ll open hyperlinks with out the use of your mouse, and with out hitting the tab key again and again. In the event you browse the internet so much, you most likely use your keyboard for the whole thing however clicking hyperlinks. Now you’ll forget about your mouse for mins at a time.

With the extension put in, simply hit the F key on a webpage, and little keyboard shortcuts will pop up over each hyperlink. To open the hyperlink of your selection, kind the respective shortcut. Or hit shift-F, and the hyperlinks will open in a brand new tab. And in contrast to the DeadMouse extension, Vimium works simply as smartly for symbol hyperlinks as for textual content hyperlinks.

Vimium provides dozens of keyboard shortcuts for a wide variety of movements, which might be tremendous cool, however a majority of these are simply more practical replacements for current shortcuts, like R for refresh and H for going again for your historical past. That one hyperlink trick, then again, is killer.

Vimium | Chrome Internet Retailer

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